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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


All those hip hop lovers keep ya eyes on J Cole. The mutli talented artest can produce and right his own songs. His lyrics are crisp, with metaphores that make you say "hold up, rewind that", I think Cole is a shining star. Not to many artists these days can actually inspire. Influenced by artists like Jay-Z, the young rapper inspires all young emcees to step up their game. You might have heard him first on "A Star is Born" off Jay-Z's BluePrint 3 album. One of my favorite songs that still hasn't gotten old, is Miguel feat Cole "All I Want is You". If you haven't heard it, check it out. FIRE! Miguel's unique sound and Cole sharp lyrics, makes you wanna pick up the phone and call ya old girl lol. Keep ya eyes open for Roc Nation's first signee. "Cole World...."

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Mcmaris said...

So awesome that you started a blog!!!!
I actually have been really into the few songs I've heard of J.Cole. He's pretty nice! I am def more of an R&B person so of course I love the song w/Miguel, but I've been lovin the song Who Dat too!!! LOL.
I'll be following your blog! Hope all is good in the hood!