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Friday, July 2, 2010

Good Music, Poetry Rhymes, Artistry - Jay Electronica

"Jay Elect live from New Orleans" .  Jay Electronica is proof that good music is still made and sought after.  His simple but complex flow proves he here to stay and mix with the likes of great emcees like Mos Def and Talib Kweli.  Oh don't get me wrong, the artist is in a class of his own.  And this emncee can also produce!  Check out Nas' - "Queens Get the Money" produced by Jay off Nas' late album "Unititled (unofficially known as "Ni**er"). Jay gave Nas his CD in 2008 after meeting Nas thru his ex-wife Kelis and the rest was history. His officially released first single is, Exhibit A (Transformations)
Check it out by clicking the link, his song and lyric skills speak better then I ever could for the upcoming star.  Jay even jumps on a track with none other than Diddy called "The Ghost of Christopher Wallace".  Fire! The Ghost is what brought my attention to the rapper.  His style and street flow are perfect for the relaxing melodic and classy beat.

For a list of good Jay songs to download, check out my boy Kevin Nottingham's page.  He took the time to compile of list of downloads.  Thanks Mr Nottingham.

Jay put out a bunch of songs for a 15 minute mixtape called Style Wars EP (2004). 
You can also check out Abracadabra: Let there be Light for his latest music

"Jay Elect be on that next shit..."

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