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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Jazmine Sullivan - Holding You Down

Her voice amazes me.  Check out this new single by Jazime Sullivan called "Holding You Down".  It's an old school remix. 

"In 2010, her newest single Holding You Down (where she’s discovered her man cheating) indicates she really needs to find a new love, but her pain’s the benefit of us music lovers. Frequent production partner Missy Elliot puts together an audio collage made of various samples - the most prominent being the soft, acoustic, Latin-flavored guitarplay that Nas has also been noted for sampling - but it all blends together to form a beautiful mosaic that’s sure to please any and all who give it a listen. Holding You Down will be featured on Sullivan’s forthcoming sophomore album, which currently has no set release date or title."

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Mcmaris said...

Love this song.
"I've already been just about two box of tissues baby" Classic. Every girls anthem. LOL

Mcmaris said...

No noteworthy musica to post about lately??? LOL

Yea Jeremy Scotts new collection is interesting. The whole garbage bag chic concept has been becoming more and more incorporated into fashion. Its silly but i like the spin some designers put on it. Jeremy took it to another level...advertisement chic,chinese take out bag, grocery bag/to go chic?????